Wendy Arrowsmith

Thanks to a supportive husband and two children old enough to make their own packed lunches (if they MUST!), Wendy’s been able to tour the length and breadth of the UK performing at folk clubs and festivals since she decided to make music her career in 2008. Her easy-going style and gentle humour, combined with her voice make her a popular guest wherever she goes.Wendy has sung many different styles of music but with folk music she has found songs that come from the heart and allow great emotional expression and social commentary.  Originally from Glasgow, Wendy performs a mixture of British folk songs including a generous helping of Scottish material plus songs of her own. She generally accompanies herself on guitar, but whistles, bodhran, mandolin and accordion have also been known to appear. Rumour has it that she’s taken up fiddle too, but the same rumour says it will be a long time before it gets a public airing – this is a good thing!She is just as adept at creating her own material as she is at interpreting a traditional song. Her songs have won awards at Saltburn Folk Festival 2007 (The Visitor), Scarborough Seafest 2008 (Sleep Well ‘till Morning) and Ryedale Folk Festival 2009 (Hearth Song). Her song-writing skills have been used in children’s workshops (many have said, “Chutney the Chimpanzee” is her best work) and she is passionate about encouraging youngsters to discover their singing voices in various school projects. This led to recent TV appearances with the children of Wavell Junior School (Catterick Garrison) performing a song they wrote together..Wendy is also available as a trio (Arrowsmith-Bushby) with John (Vocals, various Small and Bag Pipes, Whistles, Mandolin, Bouzouki) and Caroline (Vocals, Celtic Harp) Bushby.

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