Stanley Accrington

Stanley emerged from the dark days of the late 1970's and has been terrorising the cultural world ever since.
He has written hundreds of songs in a range of styles on a vast rake of subjects. There are old-style songs on current happenings and modern style songs on ancient events. There are poems, pastiches, parodies, and possibly anything.
Apart from the silly and very silly material, Stanley has always been writing serious songs to confuse the situation further. He has performed hundreds of times at a wide range of events all over UK and occasionally beyond.

Stanley has been performing all over UK and occasionally beyond at a wide variety of locations and events. He always tries to be both relevant and entertaining. (The pigeon-hole to put this stuff in is "miscellaneous-ish")

The abject state of world politics (Trump, Johnson etc) should mean a load of new songs but, to be honest, people want to go out for an evening to forget about such depressing events, and also, it is hard to satirise the self-satirising. Therefore Stanley has stopped giving them the oxygen of publicity in the hopes they will eventually disappear. No doubt he will break this resolve/

In co-operation with Chris Harvey at the 1 in 49 Studios in North Yorkshire, Stanley has now completed a project to get ALL of his recordings collected together on a sound DVD for downloading as a complete archive for sale. As Stanley has recorded 14 cassettes and, now, 9 CD's, this means that 236 Stanley Accrington compositions are available in one place.The DVD is entitled:- LEAGUE RECORD

For just the cost of 2 CD's (£20 incl P&P) you can get all 23 recorded albums and some other tracks. If you are interested, drop Stanley an email on and he will sort things out. 
They were first on sale at two August 2019 Festivals, Saltburn and Whitby where initial sales were very good..

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