John Connolly

JOHN CONOLLY is an internationally-respected songwriter, who has based his style firmly in theBritish folk tradition. His most popular song, FIDDLERS GREEN a fisherman's vision of Paradise is performed and loved all over the world. Nowadays, John continues to write thought-provoking, tuneful, singable and often outrageously funny songs. Over the years, he has become an experienced performer in all kinds of venues, from the concert-hall to the local pub, and he has toured throughout Britain, in the Netherlands, the USA and Germany. His songs have won awards in many major song-writing contests, and two of them (Fiddlers Green and Punch & Judy Man) have achieved the ultimate accolade of being hilariously parodied by the British folk scene's Poet Laureate, the great Les Barker. . . Although Sea Songs are the bedrock of John's repertoire, a typical Conolly performance will cast its net more widely. . . there might be anti-war outbursts like Old Men Sing Love Songs and The Last PloughshareĀ¯, tender love songs like Out of Season and Keep on Trying, or political squibs like Two Little Chaps or Big Bucks for Bull-shit. . . There will always be humour, represented perhaps by one of John's saucy postcard songs like Send us a Postcard, Bucket and Shovel Brigade or The Bionic Fisherman. About himself, John says - I don't claim to write "traditional" songs, because you can't do that a song has to earn its place in the tradition by being loved and performed by many singers over the years. However, I do try to write in the traditional folk style, because I love the economy and elegance of the Language of Folksong. Likewise, I am inspired by the work of some of my favourite poets, like John Betjeman or Charles Causley, and by songwriters like Ewan MacColl, Cyril Tawney, Leon Rosselson, Alex Glasgow, Jake Thackray, Richard Thompson and (from across the pond) Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Tom Paxton, Utah Phillips and Stan Rogers whose art lies in the putting together of everyday words in an extraordinary way. . .

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