Heather Innes And Ciaran Dorris

In a concert Heather takes you through the gamut of emotions, from powerful ballad to gentle lullaby, with a timely sense of humour in between!Heather's forte is unaccompanied song and she sings with great feeling and delicacy in her fine clear voice. Her singing has been described as peaceful and calming to listen to and her solo concerts, a capella or with one of her excellent backing musicians, sheer relaxation after a hard day at the office!As well as singing on albums with other bands and duos, Heather has recorded nine CDs with Caim and four solo albums All's Fair in Love and War (1989), A Song's for Singing (1991), Coaineadh Songs from the Heart (Fellside Records 1994) and Here Comes The Day (2017).   Acclaimed singer-songwriter and popular Celtic Music Radio presenter Ciaran Dorris moved to Glasgow from his native Belfast in 1988, quickly earning plaudits for his songs and style. His debut album presents Ciaran to a far wider audience and should establish him as a fine singer-songwriter, with all but one of the songs from Ciaran's own pen. Sensitive songwriting and an emotionally-charged singing style, which tugs at the heart strings (Glasgow Evening Times)

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