Emily Weygang And Ben Harper

Ray Black wrote in the Living Tradition:Having watched this duo develop with something akin to the eyes of a proud father it was so gratifying to witness this gig. As a performance it marked a new level in accomplishment, as if having served their apprentiship they are now fully qualified. Their delivery was relaxed and confident, the material and instrumentation varied and the presentation was informative without being pedantic. They are clearly in love with what they are doing - as well as with each other and it all comes together as a unified whole.Brigg Fair was learnt it from its source: Joseph Taylor but this is no slavish copy, Emily has given it something of herself and made it very much her own in the time honoured way of all traditional singers. They even brought this to bear on a Paul Weller song from his days with The Jam. English Rose sounded as much like a folk song as many examples of the real thing.Their version of The Cockfight was collected in Leeds and caught all the excitement of such an event. Of the subject matter - as Emily herself remarked: "It might seem an odd choice for two squeamish vegetarians". The unaccompanied Green Bed was a Wild Rover variant, but an infinitely superior one and the audience were really taken with it. The Butcher Boy was truly atmospheric with a soaring and expressive vocal line, mournfully wailing fiddle and tidy rhythmic guitar work. Ben has a way of wrapping his accompaniments around the songs with complete sensitivity to the needs of both the song and the singer. Their second set opened very effectively, no introduction just "bang" and they were off, two unaccompanied voices urging everyone to "Come and be a Soldier" with all the vigour of a recruiting party at work.In conclusion I must mention the club. The Bacca Pipes has an audience par excellence, they know and appreciate what's good and exude a warm generous enthusiasm for what they like. A rewarding evening for all concerned.

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